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Letting go isn’t really part of my plan. But.. yea. I did. Dumb move am I right? But it’s really hard knowing my decision would torn me in between. Knowing that it will break me into pieces and knowing that you’d be better off without me. 

"Why waste time your on people seeking for other’s attention when all along you’re there." Sometimes we tend to not realize that we keep on running for the wrong person when the right person is just someone who just so close to us. 

"And I was just blinded by your love that I never had the chance to look behind those eyes of yours that always melted my heart, where in those eyes there we’re lies that we’re already in front of me.And that’s how your love made me blind somehow."

"Now, I wish I never loved you since the day we first met. Why? Coz at some point I never thought that the one who make’s me happy and complete will also be the one who would make me cry and break me easily."